Well I just wanted you to know that I have 1000 miles now on a set of your budget headers and hi-flow cats. Lets me say that these are an awesome set of headers. The install went like a dream. Everything cleared and it all bolted right up to my cat-back. The performance is very very noticeable.

Thank you for all your effort to supply us B-body guys with an exceptional after market header and cat.

Another satisfied fan of CIA
David Priest



We did it together - our anniversary gift LOL! Bill saws-alled the old exhaust off - but we fit , placed & secured everything together & I did the plug wires myself . Really the headers were not the knuckle busting experience that I have had in the past with other cars & headers. Took the alternator off the bracket - moved the brake lines a bit & the dipstick - then voila - presto - headers in. We went from the bottom on the driver's side & the top on the passenger side. Two sets of hands does make a difference!

You can post it if you like - and you can even say - easy enough for a girl to do LOL!

Bring a tear of joy to my eyes...

No tail pipes on yet,  so all the sound is under the car - but the first time we fired it up I really did cry! My heart pounds and my leg shake when I'm driving,  I have to try not to get in trouble - my bat outta hell is back.

Thank you !



Happy Happy Joy Joy!

The headers were really easy to install - I was so surprised - the plug wires kicked my ass though!


Hey Dan,

After some weather issues and scheduling problems, finally got the car into the shop.
Laid the headers in front of the car, opened the hood, pointed toward the engine
compartment and the headers leapt into place!  Well, almost.

Perfect fit.  No leaks.  

Really woke up the 845 cam and the sound of this setup is awesome.

Thanks for providing such high quality pieces,

Larry Hall


Hey Dan, I thought I'd share the results from Rick 's 1996 Impala SS tuning session....

Car was an LPE 383 package when he got it, so stock manifolds/cats, crappy intake, not a very good computer tune, etc.

So, I tuned it and talked him into the Tri-Y headers. It was his idea to add in your Cold Air Intake.  :-)

The graph is here:

So, I'd say that a gain of 24 rwhp/30 rwtq from the Tri-Y's isn't bad .... Especially when you add in an additional gain of 12 rwhp/30 rwtq from the
intake. Total gains of 36/60!!  Damned incredible!!

Now some of it was my expert tuning, heh heh, but very nice parts, very, very nice.

thanks man!!
Jeff Creech, Dynacologist, Carolina Auto Masters  aka Milkman
'95 T/A "got milk?"  384-LT4, 431/490 rwhp/rwtq,  11.25@119.8
'96 Impala SS, 256/318 rwhp/rwtq, 14.66@94  "An all LT1 fleet!"
www.carolinaautomasters.com  and  www.gotmilkracing.com