Pontiac Solstice Shorty Header

Pontiac Solstice Shorty Header

Pontiac Solstice Shorty Header

This header replaces the stock exhaust manifold directly using the stock gasket and nuts. It bolts to the factory catalytic converter using stock hardware and is emissions compliant. No cutting, fitting or welding is required.

We build our headers with 14 gage (.083 wall) mild steel tubing and 3/8" thick CNC laser cut header flanges for superior strength and longevity. All of our Mandrel bending, fitting, welding and surfacing are done in-house. Headers may be available in 304 stainless steel. Call for more info.

CHROMEX ceramic coated inside and out is available from Performance Coatings.

 Shorty Header Installation Instructions

 Item  Description  Prices
 SOL001  Shorty Header - raw steel with copper gasket $345.00
 SOL002   Chromex Ceramic Coating by Performance Coatings $135.00

Pontiac Solstice Shorty Header Pontiac Solstice Shorty Header


Shorty Header Installation Tips (2006+ Pontiac Solstice)

  1. Disconnect negative battery wire.

  2. Remove plastic engine. (While standing on the drivers side, gently lift the cover from the rear then slide to the passenger side as the front mount is different).

  3. Remove the ground bracket just to the upper left of the exhaust manifold (1 bolt).

  4. Remove the stock aluminum heat shield (3 bolts).

  5. Disconnect the two O2 sensors from the harness. (Slide blue clips out and unplug).

  6. Disconnect the stock catalytic converter from the exhaust manifold. (3 nuts).

  7. Under car, disconnect the stock exhaust from the stock catalytic converter. (2 nuts).

  8. Remove the stock catalytic converter. (One bolt through bracket).

  9. Back up top, remove the stock exhaust manifold. (10 nuts).

  10. Remove the stock O2 sensor from the manifold.

  11. Using the stock metal gasket, install the header using the 10 stock nuts. (Finger tight and then start tightening them down from the inside nuts and working outwards to each end, alternating from the left side to the right side until tight).

  12. Under car, install the stock catalytic converter by sliding the three studs up through the headers collector flange. (The new Kevlar/Graphite gasket we provide is conveniently secured to the header.

    The reason being is the gasket only fits correctly ONE way. It IS directional both in rotation and side). Start all three stock nuts by hand and finger tighten. Secure converter with the single stock bolt. Tighten all three nuts by hand, using small hand tools, then tighten the bolt.

  13. Connect the stock exhaust to the converter with the stock nuts and tighten.

  14. Back up top, install the stock O2 sensor into the header, applying a light coat of “anti-seize” to the threads.

  15. Connect the O2 sensor harnesses. (Two sensors).

  16. Install ground bracket. (Optional).

  17. Install plastic engine cover from the drivers side, starting with the front mount.

  18. Connect the negative battery wire.

  19. At this point you are ready to start the car. Check for exhaust leaks. If any, check and tighten bolts. The ceramic coating will release an odor as well as any oil from your hands or grease which may have gotten on the header, converter or exhaust during the install.

    There may even be a little smoke as it burns off so don’t be alarmed. The smell will go away between 3 and 5 days. Check and tighten the nuts to the header after the first 4 heat cycles.

  20. Enjoy your new header!