High Performance Exhaust Systems & Exhaust Parts

High Performance Exhaust Systems

High Performance Exhaust Systems


Clear Image Automotive is a first quality manufacturer of high performance exhaust headers.  We make no attempt to generate the volume of such popular brands as Hooker Headers, Hedman Headers and Sanderson Headers, however we build our products to last a lifetime.

Don't settle for a noticeable improvement in power, efficiency and longevity when you can have a DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE!  Clear Image Automotive (CIA) provides that dramatic difference in driving!

Exhaust Headers

Clear Image Automotive (CIA) high performance exhaust headers will increase your vehicle's power and efficiency dramatically.

Custom Header Specialists

We are custom header specialists and have been doing it right since 1999.

High Performance Exhaust Systems 

At Clear Image Automotive we have done many installations of exhaust systems designed by other companies. We have often been less than impressed by either the quality of construction, the finish work or the design itself. We have always strived to be the best and installing a low quality exhaust system does not meet our goals.

We took a close look at our competitors designs and evaluated their engineering as well as their attention to detail. What we learned led to us starting from scratch and developing our own philosophy to properly engineer high performance exhaust systems. The first thing we do is evaluate the available space we have to work in.

Logically Engineered, Custom Exhaust Systems 

Next the size of the tubing is determined based on the customers goals and expectations from both a performance and sound stand point. Next we begin the lay-out of the system while trying to keep the amount of bends to a minimum. This allows for increased exhaust flow resulting from less resrictions and friction within the system.

True Flow Exhaust Balance Pipes

All of our high performance exhaust systems utilize our "True Flow Balance Pipe". The customer is always given the opportunity to decide which mufflers we use but more times than not we are given artistic design freedom which includes our making the final decision. Aluminized steel or 304 stainless steel is available and the option of mirror polished tips is always available, time being a deciding factor.