Chevy Impala SS Cold Air Intake

Chevy Impala SS Cold Air Intake

Chevy Impala SS Cold Air Intake

For '94-'96 GM B-bodies: Impala SS, Caprice, Roadmaster, Fleetwood

  • No Bends
  • No Long Tubes
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Absolute Lowest Restriction
  • Flowbench tested up to 1272 cfm
  • No problems with rain, snow, or leaves
  • All smooth bore construction no convolutions
  • Excess Air Flow further Cools the Intake Manifold
  • Ideal for lowered Impala SS : No external parts to break
  • Shields the engine from dirt and water blown through radiator

Stealth Ram Intake fits on '94-'96 GM B-body vehicles with twin electric cooling fans only!

SUPER Stealth Ram Intake (SSRI) Kits contain these 22 Parts:

1- Air management duct in Light Smoke
1- Six-foot  extruded rubber duct to hood gasket
1- "Smooth Bore" Throttle Body to Mass Air Flow Sensor custom CIA silicone coupling, fits all MAF and TB sizes
1- 24" MAF harness extension
1- 7" Powerstack S&B air filter w/ 3.5" deep inner cone w/ choice of black or chrome trim ring
1- 3 /4" AIR pump filter with machined aluminum base & chrome top
3- Stainless Steel band clamps
3- Duct-mounting springs (top springs are Stainless Steel)
2- 1.5" duct edge protectors (prevents duct edge from scratching radiator shroud)
1- 2.5" extruded rubber air filter front ring support
1- 6 page instructions
1- 24oz cleaning & oiling filter maintenance kit

SUPER Stealth Ram Intake complete pricing:

 Item  Description  Price
 4083  SSRI in Light Smoke w/o AirForce II  $285
 F4081 24oz filter cleaning & oiling service kit $20.00

Expected Performance

Crisper throttle response, greater torque, and more horsepower as your engine pulls to redline at wide open throttle.  The more air your engine needs, the greater the improvement.


One-year warranty limited to replacement of defective parts.  Air filters are warranted by S&B's "Million Mile Plus" Warranty.